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Welcome to my art world! 
Iwona Blasi is a Wicklow based artist. 
Her background is in Social Science, but her passion has always been painting and drawing.
During her studies she was always fascinated by the Jungian archetypes, the ideas of Platon, as well as the mythology of Greece and Rome. Her thesis centered on the study of the symbolism evident in the tattoos of many different cultures through the centuries.
This interest in symbolism can be seen in her art, as well as the influences of tribal art. Other influences include Gaudi, which we see the plasticity of her paintings,
the use of colour could be said to stem from Matisse, and the pulling apart of personality elements could be seen as a product of both her interest in Jung as well as influences from the art of Picasso.
Despite the joie de vivre that pours out of her works, there is a tapping into of a deep emotion, anxiety, or insecurity in such a raw, naked, and honest way that one can’t help but be swept along by the emotion in a sort of cathartic wave. Her young art is full of colours, passion, enthusiasm, innocence, exuberance, and with a poignancy that will leave a lasting impression.
I am delighted to offer original paintings but also beautifully and professionally framed affordable high quality prints of original Iwona Blasi works, numbered and signed, starting from €45 ?? PM me if you wish to make an enquiry about specific size or discuss delivery options. Also, I paint commissions if required :) Thank you, 

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